A New Mexico Weekend

We just got back from a fun-filled trip to New Mexico this weekend!  What a great time we had in Albuquerque(specifically), as Heather’s folks live there. 

The plan was focused around hanging with the family and going on a balloon ride.  There is what is known as the ‘Balloon Fiesta’ that occurs the first two consecutive weekends in October.  Really cool.  So, we got in on Thursday and went on our balloon ride on Friday morning.  It was real cool.  There is a lot to setting up and getting ready to go on the balloon initially.  So, they blew up the balloon & Heather and I got on.   We rode for about an hour and twenty minutes.  It seemed like it went much quicker than that though.  Very smooth ride it was.  Not sure what I was expecting, but it was as smooth as anything.  Not real scary either being about only 250′ above the earth.  The views were real pretty as well.  I know what it’s like to be Superman a little bit, with a bird’s-eye view from above and looking down and around on God’s splendor.  The ride ended and to say that these rides end smoothly is not true.  We had to find a place to land, which we found a road and then landed it, which is a feet in itself.  There is a crew that follows you around on the ground and they were a bunch of neat guys.  They showed up and we got the balloon deflated and started packing it up, all before 9:30 am  HA!  Then there was the ritual for the newby, me.  It involved a short ‘Balloonist Prayer’ along with the sprinkling of mother earth’s gravel on both my shoulders and 2 pieces of sage on both my ears.  Lastly, as I was kneeling before the group, there was the grabbing of the cup of champagne with no hands and then the dousing of the same(by one of the crew members Andy) over my head with the left-overs of such after everyone got to toast with me.  I was wet and smiling and enjoying the fun ritual.  Great weather, great people and a good time!!

Later that day, after a good shower, we went to the Sandia Peak Tramway.  This was Fabulous!   It boasts the world’s longest passenger tramway and sits 2 miles above sea level.  Spectacular views of the entire city and region await atop of this majestic location.  We ate lunch at High Finance restaurant and walked around and saw the beautiful scenery.  Can’t really put into words how gorgeous it truly was up there.  The rocks, foliage, animals and views were all worth it!  This place definitely comes with a huge recommendation must when visiting this city!!

The weather was in the 80’s most of the time and cool in the evenings, but not too cold…yet.  Very dry climate though, unlike Houston.  It reminded me of California in a lot of ways, with the restaurants, grocery stores and climate that all were similar. 

We visited the Greek festival while there, met some wonderful family friends and ate at all the local favorite hot spots that Heather grew up with.  It was truly a fun time.  As with all fun times, they unfortunately have to end.  Seeing ABQ, NM was a great time.  I look forward to visiting there again.

Here’s to great vacations!


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