odds and ends

I am wanting to write more on my blog, but have had what seems to be writers block. LOL!  Not sure why, just have.

I am attributing my ‘writers block’ from the fact that I have enjoyed another outlet to post my thoughts and views: TWITTER!(FYI: my twitter account is: sammm1777 IF you wanted to follow me?!?!  Shocking name huh?)

I love me some twitter!!  Twitter has helped me get off my chest things quickly and without a lot of words that I need to elaborate on.  With that, it’s been fun, but obviously when I need to elaborate, I have found my trusty blog to head back to. 😀

Posting in my blog in the past seems to be on my mind as well.  What I mean is, I don’t want to address something I have addressed already and I can’t always find out quickly or remember If I had posted about these items/topics already.  I am getting old in this regard I guess. (Laughing/poking jab at myself)

I guess like the Bible, as I read it more, I find different thoughts to address in every single verse that means something different to me today than it did in the past.  So, I guess I can keep posting and if I post on the same verse or topic, I’m sure it will have variances in what I am saying than when I did in the past. PHEW!!!!

Writing this helps me understand this logic that is in my brain and is more for me to get out of this funk of NOT writing than anything.  OK, I feel better. 

Have a blessed day!

 Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ – 1 Corinthians 1:3


One Comment to “odds and ends”

  1. Blogger block strikes again! 😉 Another point about worrying if you address something you already talked about is that some people may not have read the original post and if they did, it would still be interesting to see how your thoughts have changed. 🙂

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