Christian Marriage

 For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh – Genesis 2:24 

Marriage in today’s society is pretty diverse. 

What has led me to today’s topic is a recent airing on TV of 2 Homosexual men that are married and have a child together. 

What I want to address is what Christian Marriage is to us believers, not what the world thinks marriage is.  The comparison is quite drastic.  This is not a bash on anyone person, but a fact posing post about why Christian Marriage is meaningful and important to us believers versus the secular view of what marriage is.

I understand today more than I ever have about this topic and I feel more at peace with it.  I was very incited in the past over gay marriage, but now I understand that what they believe and think marriage is has no correlation to what Jesus and scripture say marriage is and with that I find comfort.

So let’s move on to the facts of Marriage from a Christian perspective:

  1. Marriage is a gift from God and should NOT be taken for granted
  2. Marriage is characterized as that of the relationship between Jesus and The Church – Ephesians 5:29-33
  3. The Catholic Church has deemed it one of the Sacraments as a believer
  4. From the beginning of scripture you find that ‘marriage’ is important – Genesis 2:24
  5. Marriage is between a Man and a Woman – Genesis’ references to Adam and Eve
  6. Pro-creation can only happen between a man and a woman(even though today we have ways around that).  Men still though, produce semen and can’t carry a baby and a woman can only carry a baby and can’t produce semen – Genesis 9:7

In my maturity as a believer, I am finding peace in knowing God’s Word on subjects including this one.  I am not as concerned anymore, though saddened, by today’s state of what marriage is and was defined for centuries as and what it is today defined as.  Yet, with comfort, God’s Word stands firm and true on these areas of marriage and what it means to be a Christian and in a Christian Marriage.

In response to concerns over this topic:  I welcome all thoughts and views, but keep in mind, God said it, not me.  Second, The Bible is clear on Homosexuality in the Old and New Testament.  Also, marriage is pretty clear in the Old and New Testament as well.  Moreover, there are many scripture references I didn’t address in this post and could do so but have chosen not to for the sake of making this an extremely long and drawn out post rather than a clear and concise post that addresses Christian Marriage only.  Again, it’s things that occur around me that jog my thoughts and views on topics and give me the desire through the Holy Spirit to address on my blog.



One Comment to “Christian Marriage”

  1. Where to begin. 🙂

    You said what led to this topic was the airing of a show about 2 married gay men who have a child. (Am guessing we aren’t going on tangent about whether they can raise a child properly… maybe next post? 🙂 ) Also, you say you have found comfort in their union because it has no correlation to Jesus and scripture (if I understand what I read correctly).

    While I agree with you mostly, and we’ve discussed this topic before; let me throw out the scenario that you meet this couple and you say what you’ve written to the involved men and they disagree with you that their marriage is ‘not’ consecrated by their church – which is one of the newer, more tolerant churches, redefining what the bible actually says about homosexuality? They live a good Christian life and follow all of God’s teachings, except for their sexuality. Say, you find yourself at church on a Sunday, and this homosexual couple joins your bible study – openly admitting that they are gay. How do you respond?
    Moving on, as for the topic of marriage – between a man and a woman and the ‘diversity’ of it currently as well as the state it’s in; I could probably write a whole post on it myself – and I’ve never been married. :p

    Granted, I’ve had my reasons, but I have always held the vows of marriage as being sacred and have always held true to myself that I would not utter them unless I meant them. Considering that I wandered and lost my way a bit, I sometimes find it kind of amazing that I held onto that while others didn’t.

    I can’t tell you how many weddings I went to that were not about the marriage taking place, but the party and the convenience of getting married and the fun of the reception and blah,blah, blah. I guess saying many of these couples are now divorced is not shocking. Sad for sure, but not shocking.

    Take Ephesians and back it up to include 5:22-33 and that is basically the best definition about marriage I can find. 🙂

    Oh dear, I seem to have hijacked your comments once again. 😛 haha

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