It’s scary what’s on your TV these days, especially for kids.  This article is about Nickelodeon and how you must pay attention to what your children are watching on TV, don’t just assume it’s OK because it’s children oriented programming like Nickelodeon.  Here’s the article I want you to read from a trusted source at

Nickelodeon – I couldn’t believe what I was reading at  Here’s the opening quote of the article:  “The children’s network Nickelodeon is now offering a selection of naughty games that allow players to look up teachers’ skirts and perform a variety of sexual acts – prominently linking to the sexy games from its popular websites for young kids.”  The article has more to say about the degradation that is now being promoted by Nickelodeon.  So, I went to and checked it out for myself.  Sure enough, a link to was there.  I clicked on it, went to the site, and did some looking around.  I did a search for the word “naughty” and found “Naughty Summer Camp:  Naughty Counselors!”, Naughty Classroom:  Are you hot for teacher?”, etc.  Other titles with “naughty” attached to them included starlets, elevator, airplane, beach, supermarket, babysitter, etc., with more pages listed.
    I then searched for the word “sexy” and found “Sexy Penguin Strip Tease.”  The word ‘sex’ produced a link to “Sex Tape Transcripts Episode 1”, but the item had been removed – thankfully.  A search for the term ‘suicide’ produced two games:  “Karoshi Suicide 2” and “Karoshi Suicide Salaryman.”  Words I searched that did not produce any results included “homosexual”, “porn”, “pervert”, “breast”, and “lust”.  Searching for “kill” produced “Kill a Kitty 2”, “Kill Kar”, “Graveyard of “Drunken Souls:  Kill anything moving”, and many more.
    Nickelodeon, is supposed to be a children’s oriented network.  Not any more. is now off limits at our house and I’ll be watching to make sure anything on T.V. from there is scrutinized.  Seriously parents, sit down with your kids and watch some shows with them.  Don’t just assume that their shows are fine.  This is important!
    Years ago my wife and I stopped letting our children watch Sesame Street when we discovered it promoted children throwing temper tantrums.  We couldn’t believe it!  We did not want our kids learning that it was okay to be angry and throw things.
    So, what should we expect from a fallen world?  Exactly what we are seeing.  And, it is going to get worse.


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  1. Ah, this is a topic that goes right up my spine. I once gave quite the rebuttal about this very topic in college. Being shy and not one to jump into discussions (yes, I know -hard to believe) even the professor was shocked at how riled up it got me.

    Here’s the deal. TV and all the networks out there are NOT babysitters. Neither is the Internet or video games. The fact that parents need to be told to monitor what their children are watching or being exposed to online, shows that we have a bigger failure than a website linking to other more adult games.

    If you go to you will see that like many other sites, while many of the games are specific to their shows, the web page is hosted by one of the many gaming sites – the ‘link’ is really an ad for the people creating the game and not listed under one of the categories suitable for family/kids/teens. You can find that pretty much anywhere. It also warns you when you click it after opening a new browser window that you area leaving and has an information blurb parents can click to inform them that some games now may be more mature and unsuitable. Especially with the Internet, a parent should never just open a window and let their kids start clicking without paying attention because it is way to easy to get misdirected somewhere else. What the author above details doing after reading about it is what every parent should do FIRST before leaving their children unsupervised to happily click click click away. Also, if your very young child is typing ‘suicide’ into the search box, you may have other issues that need to be addressed, just saying. 😉

    As for Nickelodeon programming in general, being an aunt who is subjected to many children’s shows that make me want to scream (why, oh WHY can’t the Wonder Pets just ANSWER THE PHONE!!! 😉 ), most of them are actually quite entertaining and educational for the children. Granted, I wouldn’t just turn the TV on and let them sit there, day in and day out watching whatever happened to be on. My sister mostly has her DVR set to record episodes of shows she and her husband have already screened and deemed appropriate and when the children are allowed to watch TV, that is what they put on. All their videos and movies are also pre-screened. I often go see a movie that ‘might’ be something my nephew would be able to see and then report back to them if it is age appropriate or not, regardless of the rating.

    Much like in the 90’s when a parent tried to sue MTV because her toddler watched Beavis and Butthead and then played with matches and burned her house down, the responsibility of what our children are exposed to is the PARENT or Guardian’s responsibility, not the television networks, movie studios, Internet sites or game developers. Sure, if they advertise they are for children, they need to have proper material or else people won’t choose to visit their sites or watch their network anymore and they lose money, but you aren’t paying them to raise your children, make sure they have proper values and morals, etc. That’s all up to you and if you can’t handle that or don’t want that role? I suggest you don’t have children. (not you as in Sam, just anyone who would argue against me :))

    The real concern, is not that a game provider offers easy to follow links to other games adults might be interested in, but the failure of parents to properly monitor their children’s Internet usage, television programming, etc. With all the locks and safeguards and programs that can be utilized to provide against these things, it’s sheer laziness and irresponsibility if you ask me.

    Now that being said, I’m going to try to find a ladder to help me climb down off my soap box. 🙂 haha

  2. Thanks for your thoughts on the subject KAT! I agree, while TV shouldn’t be a ‘babysitter’ for your children, responsibility to be considered a ‘child’ friendly TV station does. The fact that adults ‘need’ to go on’s site to find adult information/programming/porn/sexual-content is NOT COOL!! There are 10.5 Billion places on the net for that, and shouldn’t have anything remotely close to that kind of smut on their website-paid or not. That’s a point I will make and leave it there. for some reason though, i have a feeling your going to respond! 😀

  3. I just can’t understand why you thought I would respond? Me? Have to get the last word in? Oh, wait, I guess I am. 😉 I agree that it is irresponsible on Nickelodeon’s part to allow that, but the website and the addictinggames it links to are owned by their parent company, Viacom. That being said, I also mentioned that parents have the ultimate power of decision in what their children are allowed to be exposed to and if they don’t like it – they can block the page – problem solved. If traffic goes down enough that it affects the profits made by ad clicks or other traffic, I’m sure Viacom, like it did by removing the link from the NickJr. site a while back, will remove it. That’s the great thing about having the ability to change the channel or close the web browser. 🙂 You don’t like it – there’s plenty of other places to go for entertainment. 🙂 And again, parents should ALWAYS be diligent about what their children are looking at, and not blindly trusting a TV network to do it for them. 😀

  4. This is why I always monitor what my children do/see on the internet, TV, xbox games, etc. You can’t let the internet be a baby sitter for your children. However, I do agree that Nickelodeon should have have this material on their sites. This is why we do 🙂

  5. thanks tammy for your post too!! 😀

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