4th Day

In Emmaus, there is a term after you have completed your spiritual weekend.  It’s called YOUR 4th Day.  It’s everyday after you 3 day weekend.  You can never be a pilgrim again after you have gone on your Emmaus Walk because of such the unique journey that it is for you.  You can relive it by serving time and time again, like I do!!  But, you only get to be a pilgrim once.

What’s important about your 4th day(the rest of your life) is what you do with it.  For many, the weekend is a mountaintop experience.  For others not so much.  Still others, it’s somewhere in between.  All these reactions are perfectly fine.  What really matters is using the skills and knowledge of the weekend, scripture, experiences and your focus on Christ to guide you in your relationships and future endeavors.

They say it’s in the valleys that all the work is done and that’s true, but experiencing mountain-tops is a joyful and beautiful thing.  We all want to stay there, but there is work to do for the Lord.  We must get dirty and wet in order to get the Good News of the Gospel out to the world in the valleys. 

Let’s enjoy the mountaintops when they come, but never lose sight of them and HIM in the valleys.

De Colores and God Bless!

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