Going back to Cali

I’m heading back to California today, to see my family.  Looking forward to this trip as well.  The funny thing is, the main reason I’m going, is for my(Karen) step-mom’s wedding.  I know, step-mom you say.  Well, long story short, I love her to death and she practically raised me as well.  Yes, her and my dad aren’t married anymore, but that doesn’t matter to me as she will always be my family.  So, she’s marrying her boyfriend/fiance of 12 or so years.  I’m very happy for her and excited for the wedding as well.  Weddings are always fun, aren’t they?  His name is Kevin and the location is on a ship off of Long Beach Harbor.  Not sure the full details of it all, but looking forward to it nonetheless.

Hope you all have a blessed weekend as well!!


2 Comments to “Going back to Cali”

  1. Family comes in all shapes and sizes. 🙂 Enjoy the time home and the wedding! 🙂

  2. Trip went great! Karen and Kevin are officially married. The wedding was in Newport Harbor and it was absolutely wonderful. The ship was great and everything else was fab! Great seeing family and enjoyed the long weekend. Weather was real nice too which was a good thing. I did experience an earthquake, which was crazy, but it was centered in Baja Cali, Mexico. 7.2 according to reports. I hate earthquakes!!!
    good times!

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