Feeling Compassion

Jesus, may the contemplation of Your sufferings move me with the greatest compassion, make me hate my sins, and kindle in my heart a more fervent love for You…My beloved Jesus, grant that I may never cease to love You, and do with me as you will.   Amen. 

This was taken from a Prayer said at one of the many stations of the Cross.  That is when there are stations set up to remember Jesus’ sacrifice for all of us.   Also known as The Passion and/or Via Dolorosa(Way of Sorrows).  This usually takes place during the Lenten season(which we are in) and on Good Friday, the Friday before Easter Sunday(Resurrection Sunday).


2 Comments to “Feeling Compassion”

  1. Researching this after I wrote the prayer was fun. It’s amazing how God works. This refreshed my knowledge of the stations of the Cross and was wonderful to experience again. Also of note, typical practices of this are normally in the Catholic church and I believe there are 7 stations of the Cross as well.

  2. I also remember going to London, England a couple years back and experiencing Good Friday service at Westminster Abbey. That was Awesome too!!!

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