I just took a trip with a buddy to South Miami Beach to see the ProBowl this past Sunday 1/31/10.  It was a pretty neat experience being in SoBe(South Beach)  There is tons of Art Deco buildings everywhere and the pretty pastel lights that light up the night everywhere.  The people were nice when spoken too, but seemed stand off-ish when just passing by them on the street.  Money was prevalent everywhere as Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s were driven up and down Ocean Dr, Collins Ave. & Washington St.  The whole ESPN Sports Center crew was there broadcasting and we even saw Ron Jaworski at a local Starbucks.

The AFC beat the NFC in a high scoring game and the Houston Texans’ own Matt Schaub threw for 2 TD’s and almost 200 yards including a 33-yd bomb to Andre Johnson which netted him the ProBowl MVP Honors.  Great game and Sun Life Stadium(Dolphin Stadium) was pretty cool too as it was a completely open stadium.  This was the main purpose and reason I went, along with a bud named Rob.  This also was the first time that the ProBowl was held anywhere outside of Honolulu, HI.

I enjoyed the experience of the ProBowl and SoBe and glad I did it, but don’t think I’ll be back to that area again unless there is a reason to, as it seemed to be enough on this trip for me.  Being on vacation was good, but glad to crash my head back on my pillow in my own bed!!


2 Comments to “ProBowl”

  1. Sounds like a fun trip! I love vacations, but sometimes it’s nice to get back home. 🙂 That’s really cool you saw Ron Jaworksi (pretending I have any idea who that is…haha 😉 )

  2. The whole pro-bowl experience sounded like a blast. Glad you had fun! I bet your pillow DID feel good last night!

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