400 Posts

400 Posts and 23k views.  I am grateful for WordPress.com and helping mak my writing inspiration come true for me one day…  Thanks to all of you out there for sharing your thoughts and comments with me, as well as the lively discussions that occur. 

By far, the most hit Post I made, is my Christian Acronyms/Acrostics.  People love that one and it gets a lot of love across all the major search engines.  That Post has evolved into it’s own beautiful thoughts from everyone that has contributed to it. 

So, thanks and here’s to more writing, blogging, posting and commenting.

Blessings to you this Joyous CHRISTmas season!!


4 Comments to “400 Posts”

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of posts! 🙂

    Here are two Christmas acrostics you might like (if you haven’t seen them already):

    Christ is born in Bethlehem
    He comes in midst of mayhem
    Rejoice for he brings us peace
    Ignorance and hatred cease
    Sing his praises do not sway
    The Lord comes to show the way
    Make your enemy a friend
    All will be one in the end
    Shed your chains and walk away
    Copyright © Regis Auffray


    Merry Christmas to all of you, no matter who.
    Everyone here at our house is thinking of you.
    Remember Christ loves you, no matter your worth.
    Revel in the illuminating joy of His birth.
    Your love is ALL the gift He’ll ever ask.

    Celebrate His life and in His light you’ll bask.
    Holiday giving and the spread of good cheer,
    Really is something we could keep up all year.
    Imagine a world where it was Christmas each day,
    Sounds hard to do, but it could be that way.
    This is our Christmas wish for all of you tonight–
    May His warmth surround you like a blanket of light.
    All your wishes be granted with His blessings of love,
    Sent special delivery from the Angels above…
    written by ~enyaw~

  2. Kat, thanks for the comment and Christmas stories!

    • Speaking of acrostics, I found this one, which you most likely already are familiar with, when looking something up for a topic I was posting:
      A famous acrostic was made in Greek for the acclamation JESUS CHRIST, GOD’S SON, SAVIOUR which in Greek is: Iesous CHristos, THeou Yios, Soter (Ιησούς Χριστός, Θεού Υιός, Σωτήρ), ch and th being each one letter in Greek. The initials spell ICHTHYS (ΙΧΘΥΣ), Greek for fish – hence the frequent use of the fish as a symbol for Jesus Christ from the early days of Christianity to the present time.

  3. We need to be in REHAB spiritually….

    R-estart again

    E-volution of our heart and mind

    H-earing the voice of GOD again

    A-dmitting that we need a change

    B-reaking the idols that make us addict

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