I woke up early today and came to work early today.  I couldn’t sleep so I thought why not go to work early today.  On the way in, and even now as I write, I am enjoying the Beautiful Sunrise.  It’s so beautiful today. I don’t know why it’s more beautiful today than other days, but it is.  I love the warmth of the sun.  I love knowing that God makes the sun rise and set everyday.  I love knowing that God’s hand has created everything I see.  That He continues to be an active God in my and our everyday lives. 

He shows himself to us every single day.  The question is are we noticing Him when He says hi to us in a butterfly that floats by effortlessly, in a bird that sings its melodious tune, in the wind that whistles through the trees and through our hair & in the sun that rises and sets.  Let Him know you see Him and tell Him how much you love Him today!



One Comment to “Sunshine”

  1. Early morning sun is truly magnificent and warming, don’t always get up early enough to enjoy it but when I do, amazing color. As you wrote so descriptively about the butterfly, bird, wind, etc., it does remind me of God’s amazing love for me. All around is evidence of God’s handiwork. Thanks and take good care.


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