it’s official…

Angie and I are officially Divorced today.  She arrived late, of course, because she said she overslept.  That made for a frantic start, but she got there eventually and things went pretty smooth from there.  We caught up on each others life and even had lunch.  It’s bitter-sweet, Divorce, and it’s not much fun to have to go through it either.  But, that’s all behind us now and we can move on with our lives.  A fresh start so to speak.

I think that every person that is about to get married should take a Divorce class to give them some hard facts and reality checks about marriage.  It’s not easy and it’s SOOOO much more than just a “DAY”  It’s your entire life that your committing to and it’s NOT EASY!!

I don’t regret our marriage, it’s just unfortunate that it ended up the way it did….


3 Comments to “it’s official…”

  1. It IS a bittersweet thing isn’t it? Especially for people like you and I who believed in it being forever. I guess it’s a lesson in no guarantees. I am so happy that this is now behind you and that you can begin the next chapter in your life. I can’t wait to get there myself….although right now that seems so far away! I hope and pray for your happiness, my friend! You deserve it!! Much love, Lisa H.

  2. Someone that I once worked with as we were leaving the place where we had worked asked me a question which I did not really have the answer for since I had not experienced both sides. He said, “Is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all?” He had gotten divorced a few months before. I cannot even imagine how you must feel now that you are divorced. You said you had no regrets but that it was unfortunate how it ended. I have never been married or been ‘in love.’ Recently though I have realized how much I have missed by not loving someone; it is a need we all have. My story is too long to get into but I was scared/petrified of even the word marriage because of what I had experienced and seen in the home I grew up in. It has taken a long time to see why it affected me so. When I read of someone, like you, getting divorced my heart aches because you didn’t have the hang-ups I’ve had, you were able to love and yet even that was not enough. It is times like these when I am sure your faith is your strength. Praying that is so. God bless.

  3. Stan,
    Thanks for your encouragement and your thoughts and openess of your own life. Love hurts and is painful at times, especially in a divorce.
    I would say, to answer your friend’s question, that it is better to HAVE loved than to NOT have loved at all. just my thoughts on that question.
    Blessings to you my friend.

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