Keep praying

“My house shall be called the house of prayer”  Matthew 21:13

It’s important to keep praying all the time at any place.  You don’t have to be close eyed all the time or speak aloud either.  It should and can happen all the time at any place, anywhere!

I just found out that my best friend lost his job today.  He was a hard worker and gave so much of himself to the company.  Just to find out that your a casualty of the current economic downturn.  I pray he will find a job soon and I have prayed that for him several times since he told me just a short hour ago.  I also found out that another friend at their job is having mass lay-offs as well.  Crazy times we’re in.  I guess no one is ‘safe’ from being layed-off.  I am thankful everyday for my job that God has given me and blessed me with.  I pray for all of you that have been layed-off and pray that you will find a job real soon, Lord willing.

Pray for those who have lost their job.



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