Just came back from Taos, New Mexico.  Absolute beautiful city along with Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  Tony and I went and had a long 4 day weekend.  It was absolutely beautiful and fun.  We white water rafted for 2 days in a row on the Rio Grande was the river(which had 2, 3 & 4+ rapids).  It starts in Colorado and goes through New Mexico and passes through Texas and Mexico.  It was very fun and this was my first experience white water rafting. Too much fun for sure.  Day 1 was fun, but not too eventful on the river, but day 2 was where the action was.  Not sure why it was so much different, but it was. We ended going High-side on a rock that we hit and almost caused us to tip the raft, but we survived that. Then we hit another rock, due to the unguidance of the guide, and I went flying into the water on top of Tony.  It was so fast and there was no question we were heading out of the raft the instant it happened.  He got back in quickly with the help of some folks on the raft, but I ended up sucking some water, hitting my knee on a rock and holding my breathe under water for about 10 seconds going through the last of the ‘enima’ rapid(which is what it was called).  I was put back in the raft and I grabbed my paddle and get back to it.  The experience was a great one and I look forward to doing this sport again for sure.  Anyway, I work to LIVE and not vice versa.  This was definitely an experience I will never ever forget and I hope you get a chance to do it at least once as well.


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