When I created this blog, my intentions were to build up my writing skills, share the Good News and use this as an outlet for my feelings.  My ex-wife had purchased for me a calendar where you could put your thoughts daily in a book, which is where I first began a semi-journal.  I found that my handwriting skills were less than perfect and I found that I wasn’t writing anything too important.  I would write things like, well today I ate and place n place or I saw so and so, but not much substance.  Once this blog came along, I found that I was able to type and not be worried about how I hand wrote.  I was able to document things that were happening in my life of importance as well as the not so important.  I can share my heart and life with others and hope that it can encourage you as well, and that is a joy.

Close to 2 years into it now and it’s real cool to look back at the many topics I have written about as well as the many changes that have occurred in my life in such a short time period.  Life is like that…a box of chocolates…you never know what your going to get with the next one or the next day for that matter.  How true Forrest Gump was, eh?  How scary that what he said, a fictional character, was true as well.  We can learn from fiction as well as truth right?!?!?!  I look forward to what the next 2 years brings in my blogosphere as well as the next 20+ years.  My hope is to one day write a book, which I believe at this point in my life would be a Faith based book, not sure if it would be a fiction or non-fiction book, but it’s gonna be great! 

I’m finding that doing things at least once in my life, destinations around the world/sky diving/white water rafting etc., gives me joy and pleasure.  I would like to continue to do these things at least once and my book that I would write will be one of those things that I do once in my life.  It just might be the hardest task I ever do or maybe not.  Guess maybe I should give it more thought and consideration and begin it soon, hmmm.   A co-worker recently was telling me about her dreams and I started to ponder what my dreams are.  I didn’t know at that moment if I really had any, but now I realize that I do, to write a book!!  Please pray for me as I consider the words to write and things to say in it.  One day I hope that you will see it in your local Barnes n Noble!  🙂


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