adoption in Kyrgyzstan

Please be in prayer about this below:


Dear Friends,


At the children’s home is a little girl named Jazgul (which means spring flower).  She is about 3 years old and has hydrocephalus.  She is a beautiful, happy little girl.  Last summer the director of the home asked if I had a family who would be willing to adopt her.  As only God could orchestrate, a family in Texas saw her picture and fell in love with her.  They began the process with a Christian agency who works in KG.  They have done all the paperwork, home study, etc. but now the KG government is holding up adoptions, especially foreign ones.  Here is the story.


General Prosecutor’s Office launches 36 criminal investigations into illegal child adoption cases


The General Prosecutor’s Office has launched 36 criminal investigations into illegal cases of adoption of children from Kyrgyzstan, First Deputy Prosecutor Sumar Nasiza said during plenary session of Parliament today.



At least 35 criminal cases filed over illegal adoption of children by foreigners in Kyrgyzstan

24/04-2009 12:31, Bishkek – News Agency “”, By Nargiza YULDASHEVA

At least 35 criminal cases were initiated over illegal adoption of children by foreigners in Kyrgyzstan, Nikolai Bailo parliamentary deputy informed the session of Parliament on Friday, April 24.

Special commission, controlling the legislation observance in the sphere of child adoption by foreigners, found out that Kyrgyzstan implemented the procedure without ratification of the appropriate Hague Convention, which is practically illegal. “The process of Kyrgyz children adoption by foreigners was suspended in summer 2008, after the fact was revealed,” the parliament member said.


The lawmaker pointed that the Kyrgyz Health Care Ministry, tutelage bodies, the Foreign Ministry and different diplomatic missions took part in the adoption process. “But the main role was played by the Kyrgyz Education and Science Ministry, which collected all necessary documents and sent them to court,” the deputy said.


According to Nikolai Bailo there were a great number of violations on all stages, such as submission of incomplete package of documents and signing of certificates by incompetent persons.



There is now a new director, but she is also a doctor like the former one.  She is much more mild-mannered than the previous one.  I have offered to speak to her and see if there is anything that she can do to make this happen because of her medical needs.  I need permission from the couple wanting to adopt her before I do this, as the agency has certain rules that they follow. 


We are asking that you pray about this in whatever way the Spirit leads you.  We want to get past the bureaucracy so that Jazgul can get the medical care and family love that she so needs. 

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