the big question?

You know, I just read an article about how in the Miss USA pageant, a woman answers a question about her thoughts on gay marriage.  First of all, why is that question even being asked?  Why is the gay right and movement have to be center stage in a pageant?  Why is it that religion has no room in a pageant, but the far left insist on making gay rights a non-religious movement but a political one.  This puzzles me.  If you don’t want an answer to your question that is different than your views, beliefs or thoughts, DON’T ASK THE QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, this young lady answers, I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.  The MC happens to be an openly gay man that has a blog as well.  Why is he asking this question?  Does he think everyone believes like him only?  Why is it wrong to say what you believe in anymore if it’s different than your view?  There is seriously something wrong when my thoughts and views are different than yours and it’s ‘wrong’! 

We all have rights to say and believe what we want, even if it’s different than yours and you know what, I agree with the woman’s answer.  Biblically speaking, it is wrong and I believe what the Bible says.  If you have a problem with that, take it up with God himself, because He said it NOT ME! 

We can all agree to disagree.  Even in the Church, we have differences in what we all believe, but the one thing that is NOT up for debate is that God is part of the Trinity-Three in one.  Jesus is the way and the truth and the life.  That is black and white and there is no gray area there, period.  Outside of that, we can see things differently, but believing in Jesus as God’s only son and that He is the way to Heaven is not optional or up for debate.

I have friends in the church that have turned from homosexuality and are married now to a woman and believe in Jesus.  No one is perfect and we all fall short of the glory of God, including myself.  I am not casting the first stone, and we all will be held accountable for what we do, say and live when we leave this earth.


3 Comments to “the big question?”

  1. here’s a link to the controversial question that I posted about yesterday:,2933,517228,00.html

    so the guy calls her a B, for not agreeing with him and his views…classy! I guess if you don’t agree with someone your hated and ousted. Let me be hated and ousted for loving Jesus!

  2. I just finished watching the news feed and reading the same article…it made me so angry.

    Kuddos to Ms. California for standing up for what she believes in! In his opinion she should have answered the question politically correct. Yes I believe that being politically correct has it’s place but does that mean that we can’t do that and stand by what our values and beliefs are? If so, then I guess I just won’t be politically correct!

  3. He’s such a jerkface. She should be allowed to speak her mind without being repremanded for it. Why ask a question like that knowing that not everyone will believe the same as you?

    I don’t believe in gay marriage for the same Biblical reasons and I have the right to speak my mind just the same as Miss Cali. If he didn’t want to hear that answer, he shouldn’t have asked the question. This has to be viewed from another angle too – it’s the same if I were the judge and as a Christian, let’s say I ask a lesbian in the pageant that same question. I know I’m not going to like her answer so why would I ask that question and hold it against her?

    He has no right to call her a b***h, that’s so disrespectful. Why was he even a judge at all if he can’t be respectful towards these ladies?

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