luckenbach, TX

I went to Donna’s wedding this weekend in Luckenbach, TX.  She is a 20 year long friend of the family by way of my sister.  April 11, Saturday was the day.  The weather was a bit chilly and overcast, but the excitement, enthusiasm and love was there. 

Luckenbach, TX has some great history!  It’s near Fredericksberg, TX, which is about 4 hours from Houston, where I live.  So, Waylong Jennings, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson(to name a few) all have sung there in the Luckenbach Dance Hall.  Don’t forget the Famous song that Waylon wrote about Luckenbach.  There’s not much to the city where the population is nearly as small as my office floor on 35 here.  But, the history is alive and well, which I appreciate.  To know so many have begun and started careers here is pretty cool.  It’s the Texas version of the Grand Ole’Opry. 

Fredericksburg is a pretty cool small town as well.  Bunches of cool little specialty shops, littered with small restaurants and pubs.  We ate at Silver Creek restaurant on Friday night when I got there.  It was fun and the food was good too. 

Friday night, we stayed at a local B&B, where Connie runs the joint.  She is Donna’s aunt.  Rob, the groom, stayed with us there that night as well, along with Jacob(Donna’s daughters husband) and Justin(Donna’s son).  Saturday, we spent the night at the Fredericksberg Inn.  It’s nice and they had a free breakfast, which was decent.  The $150/night price tag wasn’t too sweet, but I guess that’s how it goes in recession times. 

Sunday, my mom and I met up with everyone at the B&B and Connie’s hospitality was kicking in as usual.  That is definately a gift of hers and she is way sweet!  We had a nice Brunch there and she made quiche without the spicyness just for me.  My mommy and I talked and had great conversation on the drive back and thankfully the weather was warm and not rainy as it had been on Saturday.

Overall, the weekend was Fab, but all things come to an end and I’m back at work this Monday morning.  So, here’s to Rob & Donna, hopefully they will enjoy their marriage, with blessings from the Lord and a positive attitude!


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