happy ash wednesday

Hope you go to church tonight/today and if your church doesn’t celebrate Ash Wednesday, find one around you that does.  It’s a great tradition and the beginning of the Lenten Season.   Six weeks from now approximately, we will be celebrating Christ’s betrayal, crucifixion and most importantly His Resurrection.  I do say celebrate, because in the midst of his betrayal and crucifixion and the pain of that, He rose again and died for us and defeated death so that we may live, for every one of us.  Praise Him forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Be Blessed!


2 Comments to “happy ash wednesday”

  1. I went and met my mom and sister/her husband and 2 kids and nephew and his girlfriend. Pastor Rene gave the sermon and the message was about introspection, true repentance and forgiveness. It was real nice to have the whole family together and worship together as well!!

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