my new tattoo(s)

I went last night(Friday night) and got my original cross tattoo on my left shoulder upgraded.  The original was just a plain cross and kind of small.  So, I decided to beef it up.  It looks really cool now, has points on all 4 ends along with a circle in the middle that makes it look like an Ionic cross.  The circle represents God and eternity and Him with no beginning and no end-eternal.

I then got the second tat done next.  I put this one on my left calf.  LA, in the style of the Dodgers, outlined and filled in with black.  It looks too cool!!!  The guy that did the work is named Ram and it was at a place called Outlaw Tattoo off Westheimer, if you know where that is and familiar with Houston, then you know where Westheimer is.  It’s like the Rodeo drive or Madison Ave.  just not as fancy, but popular/famous like those places.  Anywho, Ram is a perfectionist and that is what you want in a Tattoo artist, because if you get a guy who is out for the mullah only, then you might be in trouble and not get the quality that you would want in something that is PERMANENT!

I then went and had sushi around 10:30 with Steve and Rosa at Miyako’s.  Great Sushi and quick service, which is where I needed to be after almost 4 hours of talking and preparation and the completion of the Tattoo’s.  It has been several years since I had my cross tattoo done and I forgot how long it takes and the prep that goes into it, but it was all worth it. 

My tattoos that I have are a representation of ME and my faith and my origins and the things I have been going through in my life.  These won’t be the last Tattoo’s I get for sure.  As they say, welcome to your new addiction!!!  TOO TRUE.

This is my crazy life and I love it!!!!!


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