new year’s resolution’s

Okay, for one, I’m NOT a New Year’s Resolution person.  I think that what I do today or now should continue on with me for my entire life, not just in the first few months at the beginning of a New Year.  I am talking about things like…working out, eating right & staying in touch with family and friends.  Those things I don’t think should be a part of yearly resolution’s, but I do know that they are.

So, I think that things like, making a job change or getting rid of bad habits or making more friends would be in order of NYR’s. 

On that note, let’s make a concerted effort to be better people this year and TRY to do something good every single day this year.  What I mean by that is, for example, pick up some trash on your way walking somewhere or smile at someone that seems to be having a bad day or encouraging someone and saying something real nice and sweet other than how their makeup looks.

Let’s all have a great year and live it like it’s your last!


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