back to work today

Back to work today after 2 weeks off.  Wow, how 2 weeks fly by huh?  I enjoyed the time off for sure, but isn’t it so human of us that we still want more time off?  I know I do!  If your reading this and haven’t had much time off, if at all, then your not sympathizing with me, understandable.  But, if you were off like me, then you understand my viewpoint.  This has been my longest time off in over 10+ years, so I deserve it, just a bit I think. 

I spent plenty of time with family and friends and relaxed and watched a bunch of movies.  My brother came in from LA and we hung out together for a week from Friday to Friday, had lots of fun together too!  I rested all day yesterday in preparation for knowing I had to be back for today and I wanted to be ready for it.

So, the Motto for ’09 is “Looking fine in ’09” or  “All will be fine in ’09”  Choose one and love it!  🙂

Let’s hope for a positive and blessed year, whatever it may bring for you and me!  Look to the Mountaintops!


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