My favorite band of all time, I must say.  Bono, the eccentric lead singer, is fabulous in many ways.  His voice is unmistakable and the music is unmatched! 

‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for’ is a U2 classic and a must own of the U2 albums IS The Joshua Tree.  They continue to evolve as a band and keep getting better if you can believe it.   Some bands tend to fizzle and/or degrade in quality of music just to keep up appearance and loss of name recognition in pop culture, but not U2.

U2 has been rocking since early 80’s and are currently working on another album now.  That’s 3 decades strong and with no sign of letting up either.  The entire band is still together from day one to now, and that is a feet in itself these days.

They have had umpteen #1 singles, played in Superbowl half-time shows, played in almost every country around the world live in concert, have made a single for a #1 movie, made millions and all for the love of the music.

Bono, has used his influence to bring light to many illnesses and diseases around the world, including Aids, in which he is very active in bringing awareness to.  I really like him and thank that in and out of the spotlight he is a consummate professional.  His glasses are great as well.

I have seen them twice, but it has been over a decade since I have seen them last.  The unfortunate part now is that they have such a HUGE following, that ticket prices are so expensive and hard to afford.  They were here last year and nose bleed prices to see them were $600 each!  YIKES!  Wayyy too much for me to pay for!

So many albums and hit songs, even songs that aren’t as famous are still great!  I know you love them as much as I do or at least know some of their music to at least agree on the popular songs that you have heard are great.

Their Protestant roots from Ireland and Political views are very evident in their words and music and I think that it hits a chord in all of us, one way or another.  I really like and agree with most of what they say, but hey no one is perfect either right?

I love you U2!!


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