war on terrorism

There were recent arrests in Belgium(EU) of Al Qaeda ops.  They were planning a big attack on locations in and around Belgium.  Fortunately, they were caught prior to anything horrible occurring.  The story can be read here.

What we must realize is that Belgium is against the war in Iraq and has no presence there(troops wise) and yet terrorist are planning attacks on that country ANYWAY!!!.  What this tells me is what I’ve always known.  Terrorist don’t care and will attack and kill anyone, anywhere at anytime.  The worst part is that the ‘Old’ men that know better brain-wash the young men into suicide bombers.  They use tactics like poverty, unfortunate circumstances to family members and even their country to persuade them to “martyrdom’ in the name of Allah(God in Arabic). 

I watched a good movie last night that dealt with some of these issues, from both sides of the situation.  The current post 9/11 world we live in and terrorism as a reality, everywhere and in EVERY country around the Globe.  The movie is called ‘Rendition’.  The movie starts off slow, but it captivates you in a very short period of time.  I would recommend watching it to get a good perspective from both sides of the War on Terror.

I must say that I can’t believe we haven’t caught a 6’5, long bearded man on dialysis yet???  Why is that?  This world is too small for us not to catch a man like that.  Amazing.

I hope that we as humans living together in this world, can fight together as ONE and bring an end to terrorism.  This is EVERYONE’S fight, not just the USA or Belgium, but everyone.  Solidarity against terrorism is the only way!


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