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December 3, 2008


He who is and will always be

He who was and has been

He who will be and always has

He who came and walked

He who was tempted but never sinned

He who took up our sin and infirmities

He who lives forever

His name is Jesus

King of Glory!

Praise Him forever and ever!

December 3, 2008

world aids day

Was December 1st and December is AIDS awareness month.  I want to talk about this disease with you all and remind you that casual sex with anyone is NOT cool.  Nor is taking AIDS lightly cool.  We need to bring Awareness to the forefront and talk to our family and friends about HIV/AIDS.  Let’s work together to help bring an end to HIV/AIDS.

I know many people today know someone in their own family or friend that has died from AIDS.  Let’s pray that this disease will one day come to an end by helping support groups that take awareness to the streets and work on a cure.  Check out the WORLD AIDS DAY SITE HERE ALSO.