I have a good friend of mine that came back into my life after being gone for a couple years.  His name is Bryan.  He is a Master Carpenter and very skilled in his work.  So he tells me he’s going to be a Missionary and head to Belize and work and serve there.  I encouraged him, since he is not married and it’s really easier for him to be a missionary than for others with spouse and children as well.  He needed money though to go down to Belize and asked for support from me.  I gladly said I would help him financially.  I then proceeded to ask him to build a bookshelf in my 3rd bedroom of my house and he agreed.  It was a perfect scenario for the both of us.  He completed the job on Friday and I am very happy with the outcome.  There is still a little painting and caulking that needs to take place to complete the job, but all in all, it looks great.

He left today(Saturday the 29th) to head to Belize.  He will be there until the 15th of December and head back for about a month or so and then go back full time to serve.  He left his car(old blue he calls it) in front of my house until he gets back.  It is blue and it’s old.  He said he paid $500 for it and I do believe him 🙂  The front tire blew out on the way over to my house and then the transmission blew when he went to run to the store.  Kind of funny and ironic how it happened all of a sudden on his last day before he leaves that the car decides to go kaput on him.  God’s perfect timing to last him as long as it did I guess.  I drove him back to his house yesterday and he spent the rest of his time packing and eating up the last of the Thanksgiving day meal with his family.  Please keep him and Belize in your prayers as they both need it.

2 Comments to “Belize”

  1. I have been a missionary in Belize for ten years. Where will your friend be serving?


  2. Hey Jim,
    not sure exactly where, but the guy he is working with I belive his name is John and his wife. They run a project out of Belize that builds homes, etc. I will find out more when my buddy bryan returns on Dec.15th. I’m sure he will have more updated information about it as well. I’ll make sure to post information about it when he gets back.

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