Gears of War 2 Ranking system

OK, for you gamers out there that are interested in how to “Rank Up”  Here is what game’s community manager, Six Okay says:

Have you been wondering how the Gears of War 2 ranking system work? You’re not the only one who doesn’t get how it works and that’s why the game’s community manager, Six Okay, has provided an explanation on the game’s ranking system. The first thing you should know is that there are five ranks total, with the first rank automatically achieved after you play your first match.

The second thing you need to know is that the Gears of War 2 ranking system is based on Microsoft’s TrueSkill technology and that’s why it is not as intuitive as those implemented by other games. Six Okay explains:

TrueSkill is like the chess ELO system, which tries to predict who should win the match based on the skill of the players. If you were predicted to lose and your team wins, then your TrueSkill goes up more than if you won and you were predicted to win. This holds true for the inverse scenario: If you were predicted to win and you lose, then your ranking drops more than if you were predicted to lose.

Also, keep in mind that each rank icon represents a specific range or bucket of TrueSkill values, so while your skill is fluctuating in very small increments from match to match, your rank icon will only change when your skill moves from one bucket to the next. Therefore, your rank is not just about number of kills or experience or the amount of time played. It’s an aggregated representation of your skill level based on your wins and losses during Public Xbox LIVE matches. And yes, quitting will lower your rank.


4 Comments to “Gears of War 2 Ranking system”

  1. After several weeks of playing I have finally got my Rank 3. It’s not easy to rank up from what I’m seeing from folks online. So keep trying and Win and don’t quit on matches either!

  2. So I was demoted for a few days after playing online(not in a party with friends) and playing with random folks. I ended up losing about 4 territories games and demoted. I went from 3 stripes to 2. I couldn’t believe it!! anyway, after a couple of days and playing with friends, I was able to get my rank back to 3 stripes. lesson learned, be careful who you play with, even though you have lots of points, downs, etc. doesn’t mean the Loss will not affect your rank either.

  3. so they have changed the whole system of ranking up now. it’s all based upon points you earn per match, which I prefer completely. the game runs much better as well after the updates from xbox and gears. i can play gears now and not be concerned about too many glitches in the game or cheaters, thankfully! enjoy your gaming!

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