xbox 360 avatar and more

I just watched a cool short video on how the new Avatar’s for the Xbox 360 work and how to do it.  I thought I’d share this information since I’m a gamer myself and really enjoy gaming.  I have been gaming all my life, starting way back at the beginning, owning an Atari and playing Pac-man and tipping over the game to owning a Coleco vision(anyone remember that console?) to owning a Atari 5200.  The real next gen began with Nintendo and Sega followed.  Most recently Playstation 1, Xbox and now Xbox 360. 

Consoles and games have come so far in my uh, hum, 30+ years of gaming with consoles.  It’s amazing where they are today and where they are going. 

So, check out the 360 site and enjoy creating your new Avatar!



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