state of the union, today

Our current economic situation is in the pitts everyone.  We all know this, but what can we do about it?  I am not sure, but to pray about it.  Petition our Lord and ask Him to help us.  

Where does my help come from?   It comes from the Lord! 

We must count on something and money is not it.  Who do we serve?  Money or God?  Where is your trust? 

No one is perfect and we all have hopes, dreams and aspirations, but let’s make positive decisions to better our future and hopefully those decisions make the future a better one. 

I say we need to pray for our next president too, whether you like him or not, he needs prayer as much as you and I do and he will be facing many BIG decisions in the next 4 years that will affect all our lives.  So, let’s pray that he makes the ‘right’ decisions, not based on lobbyist and favors he owes, but out of wisdom and what’s best for everyone in the great USA!


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