Today is Monday, November 17th, 2008.  It definitely feels like a Monday in many respects.  I feel hung over from the weekend, not in the way you think, but just those Monday morning blues you get after a weekend of rest and relaxation.  The mindset of, “I really don’t want to be at work today!” type of feeling, ya know?

I feel like many trials and decisions in my life are facing me all at once, AGAIN!  My nephew was arrested this past week at school.  I won’t get into the ugly details, but it really saddened me.  He’s 18 years old and a Senior in High School.  He has all and more of anything that any child around the world would envy and desire, yet seems to be unsatisfied with it all.  He will be in alternative learning school for 9 weeks before he can return back to his own high school.  I’m surprised the H.S. is allowing him to come back.  He’s fortunate that they are.  I just don’t understand what would drive a young adult like him to make poor decisions over and over and expect to get away with it.  Or want to continue to make those poor decisions.  He was raised in the Church, has a great home life, has many role models to look up to.  So what is it that causes someone to make these decisions.  Is it our society to blame?  Is it peer pressure?  Is it inherent in the genes?  I don’t know, but I do hope that things will work out for him and that he realizes the severity of his actions and that he does make a 180 degree turn in his life and realize the err of his ways and the people he is hurting.

My job for second, is tough right now.  I’m in a new group(nuff said)  I’m learning a new role all together and meeting new people(a good thing).  Networking is great and learning new skills is good as well.  The part I don’t like is the Politricks that go along with the job.  There are always different opinions and views than that of your own that you must overcome.  This is challenging at times, especially when those folks are higher on the food chain than yourself.  I need prayer in this and ask for your help in this time of need I find myself in.

The salvation of my family is important to me.  I have lots of family members who aren’t saved, and this bothers me extremely.  Especially when one of the many is your own Dad!  Please pray that my family would come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.  I have a burden for the lost as well, pray all who don’t know Jesus, that they would come to know Him.

Lastly, but not least, my wife.  She is going through some changes in herself, that are really different.  This has given me some setback.  I feel like I’m learning to live with a new person almost.  I have been married to this woman for almost 10 years and known her for 17+   I have never know her to be the way she is now and it is troublesome.  Please pray for us and how this all is going to transpire.

Most important for me is, I know my Redeemer Lives and this makes me smile with joy, INSIDE AND OUT!  I know God’s promises to me and for me and I trust Him everyday to get me through this life, a tough one it has been so far for me.  Nothing has come easy for me and why should I expect any different now.  Cynicism seems to increase in me as I get older.  I don’t like that.  Have you noticed the same for you?  I battle it all the time.  I try to keep my focus on Him and stay positive, because I am a very positive person, yet I’m sensitive and feel like things that have always been, will always be sometimes.  Pray for me in this as well.

May you be blessed today and everyday and let’s pray for each other, eh?


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