I just got this email and lots of you already know about this, but if not then…Google has a FREE 411 service that you can use.  Check it out here.  The number is 800-GOOG411.  That’s pretty easy.  I haven’t called it, but the link has it legit.  Let me know how it works for YOU!

It’s another Monday today, but I’m focused on the positive, so let’s all have a  Great week, k?!?!?!?!?!

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One Comment to “email”

  1. I thought I would share another great service that provides free dirctory assistance. Call 1-800-FREE411 and you can get free business listings. You can also recevied free assistance for government and residential listings as well (which goog411 does not offer). 1-800-FREE411 also provides the option to have turn by turn directions sent to you in a text message to the listing you requested. All you have to do is speak your starting location! Give it a try- it is another great alternative to paying for directory assistance.

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