October 31st

We had our “Fall Festival” at Foundry last Friday night.  It was a lot of fun.  I decided to dress up this year, which I haven’t done in a LONG time.  It was fun to dress up too.  I was a Pirate, “Arrrr Matey”  I bought the make-up and did a big black beard(which looked cool) then I tore/cut up some perfectly good jeans as well as a nice white shirt.  It was sooo worth it.  I then went to church and helped out with the ‘Buried Treasure’ booth we supported this year.  I made some kids laugh and some cry(although I still don’t know why) and even had people I have known for years, that couldn’t tell it was me.  That made it all worth it, as I knew then I had made up a good costume!  There was also a patch over my left eye that I wore all night and that looked cool too, along with my plastic sword in my belt.  Too fun.  We then went to a couple local friend’s homes to celebrate the fun evening afterwards.

I’m not usually one to do much on Oct.31st, but this year I did and glad we did too.  Angie had a PIMP outfit on with the hat and cane and BIG Dollar symbol chain around the neck.  It looked great.  The siberian lion striped black and white pants and matching shirt looked great as well.

Too Fun!


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