Chuck Colson

I thought I would share some thoughts on different Pastors whom have Integrity and reputable history.  Among them are Chuck Colson.  He of course has a shady career early in his life, but through the Grace of God was able to overcome it and become a leading Theologian of current day.  He, like others, is being used by God to share the Gospel.  He reminds me of many characters in the Bible with character flaws, that we all have and share.

Chuck Colson

Twenty-five years ago, Charles W. Colson was not thinking about reaching out to prison inmates or reforming the U.S. penal system. In fact, this aide to Richard Nixon was “incapable of humanitarian thoughts,” according to the media of the mid-seventies. Colson was known as the White House “hatchet man,” a man feared by even the most powerful politicos during his four years of service to President Nixon. When news of Colson’s conversion to Christianity leaked to the press in 1973, the Boston Globe reported, “If Mr. Colson can repent of his sins, there just has to be hope for everybody.” Colson would agree. He admits he was guilty of political “dirty tricks” and willing to do almost anything for the cause of his president and his party.

Chuck Colson is considered one of America’s leading authorities on the causes of and responses to crime. He has addressed nearly half the state legislatures in America and has met with a majority of governors. He is a syndicated columnist and has contributed articles to magazines and newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune. Colson provides a daily radio commentary to a weekly listening audience of three million people and is a sought-after speaker. Born Again, Colson’s first book, was published in 1976 and became an international bestseller. Since then, he has written 37 other books, whose royalties he donates to Prison Fellowship. Chuck’s latest book, “How Now Shall We Live?” released in summer 1999, equips Christians to articulate the truth of the gospel, live it accordingly, and give a defense of the truth to unbelievers.


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