That which you give into, controls you.

I have thought about that statement above for a few days.  Does that mean for the good and the bad?  Because initially I thought about the bad stuff, but then I thought, well what about the good stuff as well?

If we reap what we sow…then what are we sowing and reaping?  What are you receiving in your life lately?  Are you receiving love and praise and blessings?  or are you receiving pain, strife, stress and trouble? 

I believe there is a correlation to this.  I understand bad circumstances happen to everyone, but I’m speaking on a larger scale.  That scale of which is your everyday for the past month.  Have you been able to see and appreciate the good in your life and bless others with it?  Or are you pessimistic about everything you see on the street and in your life and hoarding your blessings?  Do you recognize that you are?

Let’s pray that God will help us make that change:

Father, I praise you first and foremost.  I ask Lord that you will guide me in this day and help me be a blessing to others as you are a blessing to me.  Help me to share and give love and recognize the good in others.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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