leaving office now

it’s crazy…our office is closing in preparations for the coming Hurricane Ike.  Say some prayers for us here in Houston that all is safe and well.

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2 Comments to “leaving office now”

  1. Right now in Houston, it’s overcast with a little rain. The Hurricane has brought serious waves, rain and water crashing down on Galveston, which is about 1 hour/80 miles away. The Hurricane is supposed to hit sometime late tonight, early am tomorrow. It’s stil a Category 2 Hurricane and I hope it stays that away. I’m not sure if we are going to have power later and if we do, I will surely update this post after the Ike passes. Keep those prayers up.

  2. I got power back on today, thank God. I know there a lot of folks that do not have power, so we are grateful for that. Thanks for all your prayers. We have survived. Sleeping last night without power was not fun at all when it’s 80+ degrees outside, let me tell you. There is alot of debris all around town and barely anything is open. There are lines for gas at only a few gas stations that are open, and I’m sure it will take 1 hour + for those people to get gas. Anyway, Ike was not nice, but it could have been worse for us at least in Houston. Galveston I know got it pretty bad and so we need to continue to keep those there in our prayers. What a weekend…

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