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August 2, 2008


My wifey and I went and saw Mercy Me last night at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion.  Natalie Grant, The Afters and Addison Road all opened up for them, but none came close to being as good as Mercy Me IS!

I was singing song after song with them and raising my heads up high and enjoying every minute of it.  What a blast I had listening to truly one of the best bands on the Christian scene today.  The lead singer has a voice that you can hear from a mile away, with such control and able to hit the high notes as well as the low.  It’s really a true pleasure to see them again and appreciate the music they play and for me it never gets old…even the “I can only imagine” song, after you know you have heard it a thousand times, it still sounds wonderful.  Of course they played their big hit right now last, after a curtain call, “God with us”

If you get a chance to see them come to your city, please do so, you will Not regret it.