all have sinned

I was speaking to a guy here at work today, and we have had some conversations of church and family and life in the past.  It seems that he is a believer.  This morning when we were speaking he took the Lord’s name in vain by saying the 2 words that make my soul quiver.  For me, that is the epitome of anti-God and the 2 words that should Never ever be uttered from a believer’s mouth…ever! 

So, I continued and closed our conversation, but never mentioned it to him.  Not sure how to say anything or bring it up to him, but the concern is…are you really a believer.  I posted about this some time ago on saying those 2 words here.  

What saddens me is that those words are used in everyday language now and it disgusts me and makes me sad that we as a nation are taking His name in vain and not taking it holy as it should be.  TV/Movies are to blame partially for this, I believe, as it is almost everywhere and even on regular local TV.  The gradual move to secularism and tolerance(I posted about this too) seems to be on it’s continual incline without a thought of or to morality. 

I guess the “If it feels good it must be OK and right and justified” generation is being exploited everywhere as well.  If it feels right then you must accept what I think because i feel it.  Well feelings come and go and just because you think it’s OK doesn’t mean it’s ‘right’ or ‘good.’  Just like the package of hot dogs I bought this weekend made by Hebrew Nation state as their motto “We answer to a higher Authority”  Well, I do to and every word, act and deed will be looked upon by God Almighty and judged. 

“Every knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus is Lord and all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

I am not perfect and I know that we all sin, but there are some things I will not do and refuse to do as a believer, including taking His name in vain or murder or some other things that won’t happen.  Control of self is definately important as taking responsibility over our actions is.


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