american religion

I just read this article in our local paper that was very interesting.  You must read it here and then continue reading my blog afterwards.  I was bothered by the numbers, but I guess I’m not so surprised.  It seems we aren’t sure exactly what the Bible says when it comes to matters of Faith.  We as a body seem to sway with what the ‘others’ are saying, rather than what the Word says.  What does the Bible say about salvation?  What does it say about homosexuality?  Do you know??

The Bible isn’t a buffet, as I’ve stated before, that you can pick and choose what you like and leave the rest.  It’s all or nothing.  It’s belief that what it says is true.  It’s saying Genesis to Revelation is all true from verse 1 to the very last verse. 

That is my issue with American religion today.  We as a body are IGNORANT to what God’s Word says and thus are swayed by empty tears, TV shows and candid lies from actors. 

We need be educated in matters of scripture that lead to life everlasting, not the temporal. 

We need to know what John 14:6 says.

We need to know that tomorrow isn’t promised to ANYONE!

We need to know that Jesus died for everyone’s sins…openly without fault…everyone!

We need to know that God Created.

We need to know what the acts of the sinful nature are and what the fruits of the spirit are, and where is the scripture to support all these verses!?!?!?!

We need to know that God and Jesus Love and to share that love with all…period.

We need to know that today is a gift and thus the present.

Choose today whom you will serve, but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord!


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