Here’s a new word for those of you whom are not so inclined, eschatology.  Here is the downlow:

Eschatology: The study of end times. Amillennialism is the position that the Christian church is now in the millennial reign of Christ, that Satan was bound during Jesus’ earthly ministry, and that the 1000 years is a figurative period of time. This is the majority position throughout church history. Premillennialism is the position that there is a future 1000 year reign of Christ. During that period, Satan will be bound and let loose near its completion. Postmillennialism is the position that through the preaching of the Gospel, the world will be converted to the truth faith and this will usher in the return of Christ.
Which ever position you hold, remember to be gracious to those Christians with whom you disagree.

Are you familiar with these views and if so or if not, what are you thoughts?


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