Lakers basketball

My Lakers are down 2-0 after playing the first 2 games of the NBA Finals in Boston.  Boston has home court advantage after having the best record in the NBA this year.  The schedule is 2-3-2.  2 in Boston, 3 in LA and back to Boston for Game 6 and Game 7 to conclude on June 19th.  I hope that my Lakers take it in 6(I was hoping 5), but it has been a great series so far as my Lakers were down 24 pts in the 4th qtr. & almost staged the biggest upset comeback in the history of the NBA playoffs.  There was less than a minute to go and LA was down only 2 points after a 40+ 4th quarter.   Boston held on for the win, but I know they were scared and couldn’t believe that they had blown such a big lead at the end of the game.

This sets that stage for a Great Game 3 tonight and a Awesome series to surely continue.  My hope is that LA takes all three at home and gets Game 6 in Boston.  If it goes to a Game 7, it could be anyone’s game.  Let’s hope it gets done in 6.  We all wanted to see this match up and it surely has lived up to it’s hype. 

GO LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Comment to “Lakers basketball”

  1. So tonight is the night for the Lakers to show up BIG time. we’re still down in the series 3-2 and the last 2 games are in Boston. Let’s hope LA shows up and makes a statement tonight to take it to a Game 7. GO LA!!!

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