Emmaus_Walk #45

Well, I can’t believe it, but this past weekend was the culmination of the Emmaus Walk #45 for HNEC.  What a glorious weekend it was too.  The Lord was Praised and glorified! 

I served as a Table leader and the name of our Table was Caleb.  I chose this name from the Bible because of the good report that Joshua and Caleb brought back from the land of milk and honey that the Lord told the people of Israel to go and take and inhabit(Numbers 13).  I always admired Joshua and Caleb for their good report in spite of what others said and there were 10 others that did not bring back a good report.

The weekend started off slow as all weekends do and by Friday afternoon my table and the whole group were beginning to gel, like the 36 pilgrims had known each other for years!  How great is our God!

I gave a talk on Saturday morning, which is the 6th talk of the weekend, “Growth Through Study” was the title of the talk.  It was real hard getting started because of the time and emotions that are invested in the talk.  I believe it’s the same for everyone that gives a talk as well.  I enjoy speaking in front of large crowds and find it a liberating experience.  I think the pilgrims understood by the conversations the rest of the weekend, that study is an important piece of the Christian walk with Christ.

I shed many a tear along with the rest of the team and pilgrim’s.  One quote from the weekend by a pilgrim Joel was “I’m dehydrated from all the tears from the weekend”   Praise God!   Men and crying, it’s not something you see everyday.  It’s great to know that the Lord is and will continue to work in these men’s lives and hopefully, this past Emmaus weekend has something to do with their closer walk with Jesus.



One Comment to “Emmaus_Walk #45”

  1. DE COLORES! Glad to hear that your talk and the whole weekend went well. Thanks for sharing through your blog of the wonderful and mysterious working of the Holy Spirit.

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