mercy me

I have to post about this song I have been listening to on KSBJ.  It’s a fairly new song by Mercy Me called “Immanuel(God with us)”  It’s such a beautiful song and I relate to it so much because of the words that are spoken and the music is intoxicating.  The main verse goes like this:

“All that is within me cries for you O Lord be glorified, Immanuel, God with us.  My heart sings a brand new song, my debt is paid, my chains are gone, Immanuel, God with us”

Praise God, is all I can say when I hear this song.  Imagine: I’m in the car, my right hand is raised, I’m singing the song and tears are falling from my eyes.  How Beautiful this song is. 

The reason I’m touched so much by the song and relate to it is because I know what kind of a man I used to be and how horrible I was and how I am a changed man now because of Jesus and what He did, has done and continues to do in me.  Praise you Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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