the passion

Today is Maundy Thursday.  The day in which the Last Supper was taken and the day when Jesus is betrayed by Judas Iscariot.   A sad day in deed, but a must for the Savior of the World.  Tomorrow is Good Friday.  Now for me, this term for Friday always puzzled me.  The reason why is because I always wondered why anyone would call the day in which Jesus is spat on, whipped, beaten, wore a crown of thorns, humiliated, beaten, bruised, punished and ultimately crucified?  What’s so good about that? 

The answer is that the devil, the prince of darkness, the liar is forever destroyed!  All because Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for us at the cross.  Everyone, including the devil, thought that this would be the last of Jesus.  Little did they know what was really happening.  The Holy of Holies’ curtain was torn from top to bottom at Jesus’ last breath.  The Holy Spirit was to come and so was Jesus’ Resurrection 3 days later.

Praise Jesus, Praise God for what was accomplished for us almost 2000 years ago!


One Comment to “the passion”

  1. I don’t know what it is about this Easter…but I am more overwhelmed and amazed by His sacrifice than I have ever been! So undeserving. Me? Die for ME??? **sigh** Blows my mind!

    I have no words….

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