Emmaus Walk #45_3

Well, we just had our team training #4 on Saturday.  We previewed 2 talks and they were both good.  Amazingly enough, you still get caught up in the personal stories of the talks and that’s what draws me in.  I love to hear the personal stories in the talks even after hearing them many times before on other walks.

So, we are coming together well as a team.  I’m really excited about the weekend more and more as time passes.  I know it’s going to be a God filled weekend. 

Unfortunately, I missed our team mtg a couple weeks ago and didn’t write about it because me and the wifey went on a marriage retreat that weekend.  It was a blast and it was located in a very beautiful scenic part of Texas that is very beautiful.  We had a great time, went horse back riding, conoeing(sp?) and did a ropes course.  We try to attend these once a year as a good tune-up for the marriage. 

Well, I will be giving my talk next time we meet in 3 weeks from now.  It’s on Christian Study.  I think it’s right down my alley as I try to study as often as possible.  I often say, I don’t read books except the Bible.  It’s really true.  I like magazines, articles, websites, etc.  But when it comes to reading a full book, foggetta bout it.  I would rather see the movie.  So, the talk is almost finished and I need to preview it with the wifey.  I am looking forward to hearing the team’s response to it and will write an update afterwards.



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