There is a fascinating interview and trip that Bob Geldof(through Time Magazine) and President Bush take to Africa that is a must read.  I thought I would read or skim through it, but I was drawn in from the beginning.  I would highly recommend you read it.  click here.

We need to help support the causes around the world such as Africa and basic health standards that need to be implemented.  Unfortunately, tyranny and strife are the ley of the land.  You can help financially in many ways though.  World Vision is a big supporter of child adoption and building water wells in towns all over Africa.  Africa Action is a non-profit organization that supports many different causes such as Darfur and the Aids epidemic.  Just do a search under Google and you’ll find a ton of other websites that are more than willing to use your funds to further a great cause and the future generations in Africa that need our help.

Pray for God’s hand upon Africa!


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  1. (I’m not really trying to see only my avatar on your ‘recent comments’ list…

    There’s also:

    Compassion International (

    Invisible Children (

    Just to name a few…

  2. we just sponsored a young boy through compassion. it was a family affair and a great evening spent with our kids 11 and 13 going thru Compassions website, learning about the life there, the pictures, the stories. It was quite an impact on our children…on all of us!

  3. oh, and badguy…’ve been known to hog the recent comments on purpose. i think it’s funny to think of someone checking their blog and finding the same face over and over. it makes ME laugh 😆

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