Young Artist’s Paintings Inspired by GOD – Akiane Kramarik

What a true and inspiring word from a young girl that shares God through paintings for the world to see.  Her love for Jesus Christ is shown and powerful.  How awe inspiring she is.  Here is the link to watch the youtube link of it.  enjoy!

5 Comments to “Young Artist’s Paintings Inspired by GOD – Akiane Kramarik”

  1. Hi Sam. I will check out the paintings when I get a moment. I thought you may be interested in my latest prayer. You will be able to find it here. The title is, “Trust Me.” (You left a comment on my site, but I usually write at this other one.) Have a blessed day. 😉

  2. For those that don’t believe. He is everywhere you look. And for those that do here is a site that you can enjoy with more scriptural and spiritual inspired work. For the record I believe her and know God blesses her for it. Dan

  3. Kepp up the good work girl. If God can use a donkey and countless people in the bible and millions of christians to tell his testimony, why not a young girl that believes. For those that don not believe and those that do. Here is another site to see.


  4. Such a lovely blog post! I’m so pleased you decided to publish it.

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