You can never out give God!

Have you ever served the Lord before in any capacity?  Have you ever noticed that no matter the sacrifice you gave or how hard it was or even how simple it was, that you were blessed in return 10 fold?  That’s how I feel everytime I do something for God.  No matter how hard and how much He always will give back.  He will always provide and supply as well. 

He equips the called, not calls the equipped.   Have you heard that one before too?  Well, it’s true.  Throughout scripture, you see how man looks on the outside of man, but God looks upon the heart and the inside of man.  He knows better than we do about EVERYTHING!! 

So the next time your doing something for the Lord and find yourself grumbling and having a hard time(me included), just remember the blessing that’s going to come from it and out of it.  Remember that you reap what you sow and just remind yourself that “You can never out give God!”    Amen!

9 Comments to “You can never out give God!”

  1. False! I have did things for the Lord and yet nothing happean! That is right! Lately, for the past seven months I have been asking the LORD to help me in this particular situation concerning about needing some money for repairing my house which is really in need of repairing. For examples a lot of ants and I mean A LOT coming out of the cabinets because the cabinets in the kitchen is 30 years old and has a lot of holes and cracks in it. While I prayed and prayed still nothing happean. So that is the reasons why I think this phrase is FALSE! Also, I prayed for my friend problems and guess what. So far our dearest Lord still have not answer my prayers yet and that I had been waiting in seven months in vain. That is the reaons why I truly believe this phrase is FALSE!

  2. I sincerly apology to the Lord about the above statement! AMEN! I Just read on Yahoo a person from this church True North Community Church just drop a three million dollars lottery ticket into the church collection box! Wow! That is so awesome! GOD IS TRULY AN AWESOME GOD! The lottery winner also wants to remain unknown to the public! Wow that is so great!

    • Hi Jannet,

      I have a solution for the ants.
      It works I promise! Take instant oatmeal and instant grits and put a little down so the ants can get to it. They will take it back to the queen and when she eats it the moisture will make her expand and die. I found this out by looking for a natural way to kill ants without chemicals because I have an organic garden and I had ants in my garden. I put the instant grits and oatmeal down and they were gone within two days and so now I use it on ant piles and where ever else there might be ants. Be Blessed!

  3. God always hear our prayers.. we just need to have faith in Him, not faith in ourselves… sometimes, the more we ask for something, the more we expect from the Lord. But
    Without faith, we will never have it..

    Always put trust in the Lord in whatever we do.
    His plans are better than ours.. 🙂 (Jeremiah 29:11)

    and I do always believe on that with Faith! 😀

    Remember, God is bigger than our problems!
    and He who is in us is Greater than he who is in the world. 😀

    Halellujah! Praise God!

  4. I also wanted to add that we should give with a happy heart without expectation. I also think we should get involved in our communities. Volunteering is easy as well. Serving in any capacity is a good thing, not just for churches but other organizations as well. I just served this past weekend as an American Red Cross volunteer for a health fair in my community about 30 mts from my home. Get involved and bless others!! remember, it’s not about YOU!

  5. I am very disappointed at GOD especially this year. No matter how hard I pray to him GOD it just seems like it had fallen on deaf ears and that he just does not really care about me! Where is GOD when I need him the most?

  6. Matthew 6:33 says “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.”
    Seek God first and you shall receive answers to your prayers, but not on your time, but HIS time.

  7. This has been one of the toughest year of my life and I really feel GOD had let me down greatly and it seems like all he want to do is to make me suffer and be dead. First I had this pain on my hand it is so paintul it make me want to cried and cried even when I try moving my finger i feel so bad painful stuck unable to unlock it srcond I hsd red eyes!

  8. I too have been disappointed. I tithe regularly and faithfully as well as serving God every day and haven’t received any blessings in return.

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