Emmaus Walk #45_2

Well, we had our team training last Saturday and it went well.   We met at Lakewood UMC.  We have a really good team put together for this Walk I believe.  I’m looking forward to hearing the talks and giving critiques on them as well.  We meet again this coming Saturday the 16th.  There was a gathering after our training, but we got out of the meeting a bit early, so I headed to Starbucks and went shopping for a bit.  I really do enjoy shopping!

Last night, Angie and I went to Cypress UMC, a fellow Methodist church close to our home and near our home church as well.  We go there on Friday nights every other month or so to share in the fellowship, eat and listen to someones testimony.  I personally had signed up to share my testimony several months ago and last night was my night to give it.  I was pretty calm, cool and collected to give it and ready to hear everyone thoughts and questions on it afterwards.  We ate and enjoyed great fellowship and then I gave my testimony.  I didn’t go into too much detail about my life, even though I have tons of details and stories to share(at such a young age, I feel)  I wanted people to ask questions mostly.  They did too, to my delight.  I was able to share more details about me and my wife and our storied ‘high school sweetheart’ days and how we came to be.  I shared in more detail about God’s prevenient Grace that prepared the way for my full on convergence to Christianity.    Finally, we closed with communion, and Angie and I both gave the elements to the group there.  I was humbled and thankful to give that out.  Angie gave the ‘body’ and I gave the ‘blood.’

We then went to see a move “fool’s gold” afterwards and that was a real cute movie.  We enjoyed it and ate a ton of popcorn.  Jordan, my nephew, met up with us at the Cinemark and watched it with us as well.

It was a wonderful Friday, Praise God!!


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