Ash Wednesday

Well, today is Ash Wednesday.  Happy Day to ALL!  I would like to start by saying there is a lot of history for this day.  This day begins the Lenten season and 40 days before Good Friday.  There is also Maundy Thursday, the day before Good Friday. 

I happen to go to a Methodist Church and in our church there is more of a tradition that takes place in this Protestant Church than in most Protestant Churches.  We do celebrate Ash Wednesday service in the evening.  We write on a piece of paper our sins and things that keep us from drawing closer to God and give it to Him as a sacrifice.  Ashes are them placed on our foreheads as we kneel at the alter and bow humbly before our Father in Heaven.  It’s very personal and powerful the experience of doing this.  It’s a great start to a new year I feel.  It keeps things that are most important in the forefront of our minds. 

Maundy Thursday is night in witch Jesus was betrayed by Judas following the Last Supper.  Good Friday is the day Jesus was crucified.  I hope your wondering why it’s considered “Good?”  I asked the same question when I first understood this as well.  It is because, even though it was sad what happened to Jesus, it was necessary and the Devil and Sin were defeated on the Cross.  It’s because of Jesus sacrifice that we are saved by Grace through Faith in Jesus.  Amen!

I’ll write more about this wonderful season that is upon us.  God Bless You ALL!


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