How important is prayer in your life?  Do you find it something that is a must or a “when I have time” type of thing?  I think your attitude towards prayer says alot about you and your view on your spiritual walk and your closeness to God. 

For me, prayer has been very important.  I pray all the time to God.  I throw up prayers all day long to Him.  I pray first thing in the morning, during the day and before I go to bed.  I pray before meals & snacks.  I pray for people and their needs and concerns.  I pray with people and in groups of people. 

There isn’t a wrong time to pray nor is there such thing as a “bad” prayer.  The point is that your carrying on a relationship with God Almighty.  The creator of the world, the universe.  The creator of YOU & ME!!  Why wouldn’t you pray and build a better and stronger relationship with your Abba Father. 

I love to pray, really.  I enjoy it.  I find that it helps me in every time and situation.  I believe that the blessings from those prayers will shower me and my friends and family for years to come and on and on!  There aren’t enough hours and time in the day to not pray.  Paul himself says several times in the New Testament to pray.  He exhorts us to “Pray without ceasing” 1 Thessalonians 5:17  If Paul says that, how much more should we? 

Jesus prayed continually to His Father in Heaven.  We are to emulate Christ in our life and in our coming and going.  Thus, we should pray as well, like Jesus did.  I don’t think we should look to others and see if they are a better prayer-er than we are.  It is something that comes from your heart and is true and pure and honest and one of the most beautiful things that we as His children can do.  So, pray now and pray for me and for your family and friends.  Pray for the body of Christ around the world.  Pray for guidance and direction in your life.  Pray for wisdom.  Pray for your spouse or your future spouse.  Pray for your health and be thankful for it as well.   Pray the Word and personalize it-start with the Psalms.

Like Nike says “Just DO IT!”

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3 Comments to “prayer”

  1. Good Word Sam!
    I too love to prayer and an intimate fellowship in and with the Lord Jesus Christ! We cannot pray or be in sweet communion with Him too much.

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your kind and gracious words.

    Every Blessing in the Lord Jesus Christ!

  2. Greetings. Without a doubt, prayer makes for a tangible indicator of how close we are to the Lord. When we love someone in the natural realm, we desire to spend time with them and will actively seek out such opportunities. How much more is this true in the spiritual realm where we should continuously follow hard (Psalm 63:8)after our Savior and Lord, Jesus. I just found your blog through Phils. (No Other Name) Your comment there and this post here are both right on target.

    have a most blessed day in Jesus.


  3. Brother Sam,

    What a wonderful post! I fear that I may not always pray as much as I should, but I do pray spontaneously for others, including the moron that cut me off going to work today.

    Let’s do lunch this week… How’s Thursday?


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