emmaus continued

I have worked several Walks now in the Houston North  Emmaus Community.  I was actually on the 1st ‘new’ Walk for the newly arranged HNEC after the 4 communities in Houston separated into their own communities.  It’s been a true pleasure to work these walks since going on my original walk back in 2000.  I have also worked/served on many other walks as well as serving on teams for Chrysalis too.

I have always found that whatever you give to GOD in service to Him, that you get back 10 fold what you put in.  That is never more evident than it is when serving on an Emmaus Team.  What a joy it is to see pilgrims(1st timers) faces after they have just come back from candlelight or after they start understanding what the weekend is really about.  For this reason alone, it’s enough to make you come back and keep serving.  Another reason is, you remember what it was like for you on your first Walk and remember the people that served you and how they were so unselfishly giving of themselves.  How Awesome it is when we serve and give from our heart.

Being unselfish is such a foreign idea in today’s society and I think that’s what makes Emmaus so unique.  That there is an environment that fosters just this idea.  That it’s not about you, but about them.  It reminds of the book by Rick Warren “Purpose Driven Life”  In the book, the first line in it says “It’s not about YOU”  What a way to start off a book, huh?


One Comment to “emmaus continued”

  1. yeah, man, i’m feelin’ ya! i attended a tres dias some 20 years ago this fall…it had a profound impact on me as a person, both mentally and spiritually…i, too, have remained plugged in though i’m now part of a different community (i moved a year ago)…i hope to serve a walk to emmaus in the near future to experience the subtle differences of the community here…i’ve also been a part of vida nueva, chrysalis’ cousin, in years past…all are great renewal movements and i’m just glad to be part of the global 4th-day community

    de colores,
    chris (aka indyretreats)

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